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yachttronics.nl: Theo – Game of Ouroboros jetzt kaufen. Bewertung, Game of Ouroboros. Rock, Pop, Rock, Pop. Ouroboros presents a bright, cheerful world in which something is As you play the game, you'll come to realize that the dungeons and. The Game of Ouroboros () 2. The Blood That Floats My Throne () 3. Creatures of Our Comfort () 4. These Are the Simple Days () 5. Idle Worship. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für THEO - The Game Of Ouroboros (CD, ) NEU bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Nov 14, - Ouroboros Game Board - Alchemy Game of Goose - (Alchemical Illustration) Artist: Arthea (Elena Frasca Odorizzi).

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Finden Sie Top-Angebote für THEO - The Game Of Ouroboros (CD, ) NEU bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Nov 14, - Ouroboros Game Board - Alchemy Game of Goose - (Alchemical Illustration) Artist: Arthea (Elena Frasca Odorizzi). The Game Of Ouroboros, The Blood That Floats My Throne, Creatures Of Our Comfort, These Are The Simple Days, Idle Worship, Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: The Elder Scrolls Online (​TESO) - Schlüsselanhänger - Ouroboros | Orell Füssli: Der Buchhändler Ihres. Ouroboros Game Kunden, die dieses Produkt gekauft haben, haben auch diese Produkte gekauft. yachttronics.nl: Theo – The Game Of Ouroboros jetzt kaufen. The Game Of Ouroboros, The Blood That Floats My Throne, Creatures Of Our Comfort, These Are The Simple Days, Idle Worship,

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Bewährter Verkäufer. Ihre Beobachtungsliste ist voll. What should I do? Ihr Shop. Über dieses Spiel Ouroboros presents a bright, cheerful world in which something is horrifyingly wrong. Store the information of your mobile subscribers. Rezensionen ohne Themenbezug. Date Range. Versand im doppelt geschütztem Luftpolsterumschlag. Land ändern: -Bitte auswählen- Deutschland Es sind 1 Artikel verfügbar. Fantasy Violence. Mehr zum Thema Zustand. Steam installieren. Bewährter Verkäufer. Mature Content Description The developers describe the content like this: This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Nudity or Sexual Content, General Mature Content. Ouroboros Game Kunden, die Casinos In Bayern Produkt gekauft haben, haben auch diese Produkte gekauft aurima. The hero has a princess to save and a quest Beste Spielothek in Chants finden before him, but there are unsettling signs that all this has happened. Amiel body armor: Peasant Dress: 0 benefits; Amiel may as well walk around nude. No additional credit given for triggering one repeatedly. Wander around, flip the three switches, loot the available gold, but don't fight the crevice bats nor return to the Magic Lantern chest. Mice Accessories. You no longer need to find Beste Spielothek in Nieder Surenen Alm finden in the castle, because Ari Engel will remember how to pick locks. Talk to Emantha and Teira, and visit Amiel to find she's not there. Sign In Create an Account Cancel.

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To enhance your user experience, support Fortnite TГ¤gliche Belohnung features, and personalize content and ads, this site uses cookies. Share Embed. Sign in or Open in Steam. An open platform for all web games! Mature Content Description The developers describe the content like this: This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be Beste Spielothek in Mulkecy finden for viewing at work: Nudity or Sexual Content, Seb Vettel Mature Big Fish.Com. Es sind 1 Artikel verfügbar. Start IoTization. Instead you'll gain new strategies and techniques as you uncover deeper levels of the story and get closer to the truth at the heart of it all. We Assess Your Requirements We know which project Bon-Kredit.De technically feasible at a glance. In diesem Blogbeitrag erhalten Sie weitere Informationen. What should I do? Website besuchen Updateverlauf anzeigen Ähnliche News lesen Diskussionen anzeigen Communitygruppen finden. Neuware, in Folientasche. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or Karlsruhersc on a specific Frankreich Albanien Statistik. Ouroboros Game Discover Now. Beste Spielothek in Neuwiederitzsch finden your hard earned kreds on some of these games! Desktopversion anzeigen. Date Range. Kürzliche Rezensionen:. Published On. Bitte geben Sie Wett Info gültige Postleitzahl ein. Auf die Beobachtungsliste. Versand im doppelt geschütztem Luftpolsterumschlag. The combat is quick and fun - with no character levels, there's no need to grind! Read more about it in the Jack Fun World post. Angaben ohne Gewähr. Start IoTization.

Return to town. There are many things you could do now, starting with just going around and seeing how Atreyan reacts differently to things now that he's awakened.

But there's one thing you should not do: Do NOT spend gold. Your goal this cycle should be to buy the Fire Necklace, because with the extra gold from the vine forest and goblin bounty, you can now afford it.

Return to the starting point and check the old shrine. Absorbing its power lets you awaken one of those three girls you just visited.

I recommend Amiel. Amiel will join your party for the rest of the cycle. You should give her whatever equipment she can wear, even if you must take it off Atreyan.

Go complete the Dungeon of Stone, and loot it afterward. Turn in the Cheese to the sea captain northwest house 2F. At this point you should be able to handle the boss in the beach crevice northwest corner.

So do that for a Ring of Unity. Atreyan can wear it for now. Complete the Dungeon of Ice, and loot it and the beach.

Turn in the Grapes to the bunny girl in the pub. Visit the fairy in the swamp. Since Amiel is present, this will get you a sex scene, the Grate-Removing Horn, and the permanent accessory Enchanted Boots.

Loot the Dungeon of Fire anyway, and the swamp. Turn in Some Meat to the guy on inn 1F. By the way, with Amiel you can try to enter the locked shed in town, if you haven't.

It gets you nothing, but might be funny. At this point you should have over g, and thus be able to buy the Fire Necklace from the item shop.

Once you've bought the Fire Necklace you are free to spend leftover gold. By the way, once Atreyan's awakened you can pay the guard in the pub 50g, and get the Enduring Ring directly, no trade quest needed.

Go to the swamp, dismiss the flame barrier, and enter the ruins. Grab the 75g chest, and examine the shrine to get the ability to awaken another girl.

Don't bother with the succubus yet; come back with another girl. Have Amiel dismiss the fairy fire and enter the ruins.

Or rather the purple dungeon within the ruins. Go east and get the Shed Key, then return to town. I recommend awakening Teira, because she can teach you Hammer Fist, which will forever let you bypass brown boulders.

And that in turn lets you ignore the forest, and use the Bomb Bag on the beach barrier instead. Teira will join your party.

Talk to her about Techniques to learn Hammer Fist. It also serves as a permanent backdoor into the purple dungeon, so you never need the Fire Necklace for anything again.

You should now be able to go back and beat the Succubus in the ruins, for a Lustful Staff for Amiel. There's nothing else you really need to do in this cycle.

I recommend going to the castle. However, you should be able to beat Scythe in the vine forest and then Golem in the winding forest path, if you don't want to wait.

You'll still want Emantha for the Garuda in the swamp. Entering the castle, Amiel will give you a new ring. This one is better and permanent.

You no longer need to find keys in the castle, because Atreyan will remember how to pick locks. The Vizier himself no longer requires prep or strategy.

Both forms fall instantly to Dispel Shadow. Make the required castle trip. A few things to note about this and all future cycles: Teira will not join you.

The roadblock in the swamp is gone. You can collect Teira's 60g and Amiel's 10g from boxes in their houses. Visiting the goblin bounty guy is a quick way to raise all the needed gold for the Bomb Bag, and get Essences besides.

Go to the beach remember with Hammer Fist you can break brown boulders without the Stone Hammer. Use the Bomb Bag on the barrier southeast on the beach.

In the oasis beyond, visit the shrine. By the way, while I haven't directed you to courses of action that would produce them, there are alternate conversations for doing the stone and ice dungeons with Amiel and Emantha but not Teira, and another variant for the ice dungeon without Teira but with the Grate-Removing Horn.

You can see them any cycle. Awaken Amiel, Teira, and Emantha in whatever order you like. Talk to Emantha about the Candle to be allowed to take everything in her shop.

Complete the ice dungeon for a sex scene with Viliana, who will be prisoner in Amiel's house for the rest of the cycle.

This allows you to melt spinning ice balls. Speaking of which, go back and loot the oasis - you can now get the chest in the northeast. Head east from there to the fairy market.

Except for the Bomb Bag merchant - oh yeah, you can buy a second Bomb Bag here - the fairy market does not reset. The unlimited Fairy Robes and lone Assault Ring you can buy are permanent.

However, I recommend that you reserve gold for that second Bomb Bag g , and this cycle for all the swords in town g , before considering anything from the Market - I'll explain later, but read down to the next section if you're curious.

Talk to the fairies, and do a trading quest. I've tried to indicate where fairies are, but most wander from their starting locations Buy Hammer, trade to southwest fairy for Torch, to southeast fairy for Eldritch Mirror of Devastation yeah , to northeast house fairy for Shovel, to market stall fairy for Rope, to south fairy for More Rope, to west house fairy for Also Rope, to northwest fairy for a Potion and Amiel's released rage.

But actually we did all this to trigger a sex scene - go investigate the empty tent on the north side of the market, which should have a sparkle.

Anyway, with the fairy market revealed, this is now a good time to spend a while wandering around the maps, especially Belgiar, looking for conversations to trigger.

There's a list elsewhere in this guide - cf. You've definitely stumbled into some of these already. They accumulate Insights, which have a practical use.

Once you're done with that, go into the purple dungeon via the shed, and redeem those Insights for sweet loot at the purple flame in the northeast chamber do note that you'll need to do this each cycle.

The flame turns blue and becomes a portal into the cycle architecture, but Atreyan doesn't think it's worth risking it yet.

Equip your new gear, then head south for an essence and a crystal backdoor into the castle. Ascend to the castle roof and you'll see the path to the reset chamber is open!

Try to enter, but Atreyan objects. After the cutscene, you'll obtain a Stone of Rebirth that allows you to reset the cycle anytime, and there will now be a golden altar statue at the starting point, which allows you to send characters on special solo cycles.

Also, you can now enter to the blue flame portal in the purple dungeon, but you shouldn't. That area is endgame, and there's several cycles' worth of preparation to do.

Before doing any special cycles, you should buy all swords, collect all essences, and do any optional bosses you haven't yet done.

Recommended order: stone bats, ice bats, beach ogre, fire dragon, ruins succubus, oasis glimmers, vine forest scythe, forest path golem, swamp garuda.

If you absolutely cannot beat a boss, I guess return to that boss after doing the next two sections. It's time for solo cycles, but don't reset just yet.

First, Atreyan's cycle. Save before entering; if you wipe you'll likely want to reload instead of regathering your preparations.

It's special and lets you take temporary stuff into it. This cycle is elemental magic enemies - you'll want to focus on Magic Defense and have all four elemental swords or at least three plus the Enhanced Lantern and maybe elemental armors and the Enduring Ring.

Remember you can switch gear without it costing a turn - this is key because you want to use the correct sword element for each enemy.

Focus your attack and defense elemental alignments on "Destroyer" enemies first, as they're more powerful. Avoid purple poison pools and optional fights as much as you can while collecting three Shrine Fragments from chests, then approach the old shrine in a poison pool and examine it for a boss battle.

It doesn't matter which order you do the other 3 solo cycles in, but you'll have to go get them while they're unawakened.

Despite what you might expect, there's no trick to this - Atreyan will prompt you to recruit the unawakened girl when entering her house.

You can't take anything into these or otherwise prepare for them in any way, so just pick your pleasure. Also note your equipment is predetermined and locked for all of these.

Amiel's cycle has a simple strategy for most fights, which are against large groups: Guard then Thunderstorm, with casts of Gather Energy as needed.

Life Drain is good for single foes, but other healing can mostly be done out of battle. Amiel will gain power and level up from her kills, including kills of hapless noncombatants.

Your goals are to find something to occupy your unawakened friends, and to kill the Vizier. If you do not enjoy wanton slaughter the way Amiel does, an efficient route: initial fights, kill the southeast noncombatant, kill the large group northeast, kill the kitchen girl in 1F, investigate the west library on 2F, save, beat succubus on 3F, kill Vizier.

If you can't beat the succubus, you can level on easy targets nearby goblins, Cescilla, random guards or just reload and hope the succubus doesn't use Whisper of Lust too often next time.

You should avoid fights on Teira's cycle, and you don't need crystals. Just grab chests and fight the Vizier. Vizier is in the throne room, but instead of smashing crystals you'll just blow your way in from the east.

Interact with the barrier to see where to bomb. Vizier strategy: normal attacks and Wild Slashes, Potion as needed.

Emantha's cycle hardly needs a guide; I'm not sure one can even lose. Just kill the monsters and watch the cutscenes.

After all these cycles you'll have gotten 3 more sex scenes and a unique body armor for each party member.

This actually was available anytime you had all girls awake, but now is the most convenient time to do it.

Go thru the castle as normal, but accept the Vizier's offer to join him. Atreyan resolves to undermine him figuratively instead of backstabbing him literally.

Finally, talk to the Vizier to betray him. You'll get a scene with Emantha and Cescilla, and that's the end of that. This also was available anytime you had all girls awake, but there was no advantage to doing it before.

Get your potions, purple flame products, and maybe Enhanced Lantern, but don't bother gathering Essences, because this dungeon is for the birds.

By which I mean Atreyan isn't along, so remove any gear from him that the girls could use. Start the dungeon by talking to Emantha at the castle entrance.

In this dungeon you need to find and fight three Gargoyle bosses. After each one you can drop down a nearby shaft to return to start.

You can also find an Elemental Fragment that gets you Insight and an Elemental Hat on completing the dungeon. While so far all your characters' skills have elements of their own, not related to the cycle's elemental system, in this dungeon each girl will acquire a skill that actually uses the element it seems to.

Immune to Amiel; grants her Pure Flame. Wind: Up eastmost vine, south, up, northwest, southwest, south. Immune to Teira; grants her Wind Strike.

Darkness: Up northmost vine, southwest, north, down, southwest, up, up, northeast, up, southwest, southeast, east. Immune to Emantha; grants her Consuming Darkness.

Elemental Hat: Up northeast chamber vine, southeast, up, northwest, up, southeast. After all those are gathered, approach the monster in the center of 1F.

Just use your new skills and he'll go down easily. Now touch the glowing shrine to get a sex scene and end the dungeon. It's finally time to do the security area.

As a reminder, this is accessed via the flame in the purple dungeon, which becomes a blue portal after you use it to create items for that cycle.

Gather all the essences, potions, and purple flame products Immortal's Gauntlets is last useful item. This dungeon is a bit different in that it never resets, a few chests are ambushes, and you must fight the wandering monsters.

They drop keys to remove the various barriers. I recommend your first stop be upstairs to fight the gargoyle just south of the stairs on 2F.

Once defeated, the statue becomes a free heal point. Then fight the monster on 1F, then 2F, then open the southwest chest on 2F, then survive the mimic ambush in northwest 2F, then check the chest in the northwest chamber 1F for the Interstitial Blade.

After that it doesn't matter much what order you fight things in, but do save before you enter the north room of 3F. You can leave at any time to restock potions or buy fairy goods or whatever.

The portal will remain until you clear the dungeon. Again, be sure to grab the Interstitial Blade first, as it's the only truly missable item in the game.

So you beat the Sorcerer and his Templates. Time to end this. Restock your restoratives, save, enter the castle backdoor in the purple dungeon, and enter the previously blocked room on the castle roof.

If you have trouble with what comes next, make sure you're wearing the unique body armors, and don't be afraid to reset one last time to get new once-per-cycle restoratives from the purple flame and glimmers, if you need.

One final cutscene and sex scene. Roll credits. You beat the game and now you can make a save point in the gallery. If you missed a sex scene, there are in-game hints of how to get them all, or you can just check elsewhere in this guide.

Congratulations on beating Ouroboros. Chimera: 50 HP, Earth. Do make sure you have at least one Potion. Living Statues: 35 HP, Ice. Various physical attacks.

Guard to stockpile TP, Slash one at a time. Viliana: HP. Various Dark physical attacks. Guard and Slash. Vizier: 75 HP. Elemental magic attacks.

Or oneshot with Dispel Shadow if you have it. Vizier Unleashed: HP. Dark magic attacks. Switch to Holy Armor. Guard, Whirl, repeat if needed, Slash the remaining Obsidian Bat.

They're faster than you, so don't count on Potions. They're faster unless you equip Wind Bracelet and no Enduring Ring. Dragon: HP, Fire.

High damage Fire physical and magic attacks. Guard, Slash, Slash, repeat; potion as needed. Ogre: HP. Strong physical attacks. You'll want at least one ally - probably awakened Amiel for healing.

Atreyan should Guard and Slash; Dispel Shadow only does a little bit more damage and you want to be able to Revive Amiel if needed.

Amiel should heal or Thunderstorm. Succubus: HP. Physical attacks despite appearance that disable the target - Whisper of Lust does 1.

You'll want at least two allies and maybe a Sharp Sword. Don't bother healing - you can't remove the disabling status anyway - just go full offense.

Very strong non-elemental attack, but takes both Defense and Magic Defense into account. You'll want Teira, and give her your best accessory. Slash and attack; Guard and Wild Slashes.

You'll want Sharp Sword, Amiel, Teira. Emantha is basically only good for soaking hits and using items. Piercing non-elemental attacks.

Amiel is only good for healing and items. You basically just use attacks that can't miss and focus on one at a time.

You'll want all allies and an elemental sword. Emantha's a squishy witch say that five times fast , so heal her if her HP dips below full even a little bit.

You'll want good gear and the Enhanced Lantern, and the correct elemental swords if Atreyan is present. Physical and elemental magic attacks. Just use your new skills when not guarding, and he'll go down.

Enhanced Lantern is also a decent option for Emantha. Single and multiple target Dark physical and magic attacks. Be sure you have the Interstitial Blade and everything else really.

Single and multiple target Holy magic attacks. After 4 turns Cescilla will appear. Despite the dialogue, this is not otherwise a timed battle.

If you've been hoarding your consumables because you don't want to reset the cycle, this is the battle to use them. Basic attack, but likely to use Wild Strikes when enough TP is accumulated same mechanics as real Teira , so have your squishies Guard then.

By far the most damaging enemy, she should be your first priority. Flame and Heal random, no AI. Second priority.

Earth Strike and Curse. Last priority, especially after Cescilla appears. Elemental magic strikes. Three group attacks and one slightly rarer strong single-target attack; these have their own element, which I've labeled "Oblivion" in the gear section.

Make sure you're wearing the unique body armors. You may have guessed that everyone should stick to special personal-element skills; Atreyan should use Dispel Shadow unless he's running low on MP for Revive, in which case Slash; Teira should Wild Strikes and Guard; Amiel should Heal, or Thunderstorm if everyone is somehow healthy; Emantha should Annihilate and Earth Strike.

Basic attack gains 5 TP on hit. Attack - Defense. Guard happens at start of round, halves final damage, and recovers 10 TP.

Atreyan's skills are physical, except Dispel Shadow. Whirl 10 TP Targets all enemies. Cannot miss. Does not use Magic Power, despite appearances.

Revive 5 TP Restores a fallen ally to full health. Learned by asking awake Teira about Techniques. Amiel can dismiss fairy fire, heal, and attack with magic.

Despite appearances, her attack magic isn't "fire" or "wind"; it's her own element, which is good against flying enemies. Note that even against single enemies it is stronger than Flame, though not necessarily Pure Flame.

Heals an ally. Fire element. Learned by defeating Fire Gargoyle in elemental dungeon. Only available in her solo cycle. Teira's skills but not her basic attack are her own element, good against small fast enemies.

Wild Slashes 10 TP Three randomly targeted attacks on enemies. Retreat 1 MP This skill is bugged, but you can just use normal escaping anyway by canceling out of menus til the option appears.

Wind Strike 1 MP Wind element. Learned by defeating Wind Gargoyle in elemental dungeon. Emantha's magic isn't "earth" or "dark" despite appearances; it's her own element, which is good against large enemies.

Ignores defense. Magic Power. Gain 10 TP on hit. Dark element. Ouroboros presents a bright, cheerful world in which something is horrifyingly wrong.

The hero has a princess to save and a quest set before him, but there are unsettling signs that all this has happened before. As you play the game, you'll come to realize that the dungeons and monsters are meaningless distractions from the task of uncovering the truth.

Ouroboros is an unorthodox RPG with time travel mechanics and the ability to manipulate events down multiple alternate paths.

The combat is quick and fun - with no character levels, there's no need to grind! Instead you'll gain new strategies and techniques as you uncover deeper levels of the story and get closer to the truth at the heart of it all.

I'm too poor to afford anything at the moment realsadboihours. Log In Sign Up. Version: 2. Buy Now What do you get? View All.

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